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Reduce delivery risk and improve delivery effectiveness

Reduce delivery risk of key programs

End-to-end delivery metrics enable delivery leads to transform their understanding of the program's delivery capability and risk;

Plandek surfaces insights not available from existing toolsets;

Plandek shows the key determinants of velocity, process efficiency, quality, deployment frequency and timing accuracy;

Ability to build a Delivery Risk Profile for a key program or workstream.

Set metrics for new and high growth teams

The ideal business intelligence tool to use when setting up a new Agile team (in-house or contractor);

Create a balanced scorecard of delivery metrics around which the new team can adjust and improve over time for maximum Agility and effectiveness;

Teams can choose the metrics that suit them and create their own customised dashboards to drive their own self-improvement.

Better integrate outsource partners

Genuine partnership (characterised by transparency and shared goals) is key to long term success with outsource partners;

Plandek provides an agreed set of end-to-end delivery metrics around which goals can be set and progress measured;

This transparent approach has proven to be highly effective, benefiting both clients and outsource partners alike.

Replace manual reporting

Delivery teams often expend valuable energy preparing spreadsheets and manual data extracts from tools like Jira;

These reports are often time-consuming, irregular (and so retrospective) and not always accurate;

Plandek enables delivery leads to choose the metrics that suit them and build their own customised dashboards with real-time analytics and drill-down;

These dashboards remove the effort of data collection and turn static reports into powerful, real-time management tools.

Effective Agile Governance

Early Agile – set teams up for success

Plandek is an ideal tool for teams starting on their Agile journey;

Plandek provides a simple set of Agile metrics around which teams can establish their Agile workflow and processes;

Teams can choose the engineering, delivery and behavioral metrics that suit them as they customise their own dashboards;

Plandek enables new teams to track their increasing Agility over time, as they adjust and continually improve.

Scaling Agile – audits of SAFe readiness

As Agile teams mature and grow, scaled Agile frameworks are often required to manage the increased complexity;

Frameworks like SAFe only work effectively if the required level of consistency has been achieved across teams;

Plandek tracks teams' readiness for inclusion in a scaled Agile framework like SAFe;

Delivery leads can choose the metrics they are most interested in and track progress over time by board and team.

All Agile – track the progress of your Agile transformation

As Agile grows in importance within an organisation, the need to demonstrate its success can become more pressing;

Plandek’s comprehensive library of end-to-end delivery, engineering and behavioural metrics enable technology teams to demonstrate tangible improvement over time;

As the Manifesto states: Agile is all about “the early and continuous delivery of valuable software”. Plandek helps you demonstrate that you are doing just that.

Increasing team engagement, motivation and effectiveness

Engineer engagement and feedback

Plandek integrates with collaboration hubs like Slack, to enable engineers to give vital feedback at all points within the delivery cycle;

This feedback is quantified and is available to the teams themselves within their Plandek dashboards;

This empowers engineers and provides real-time insight to remove bottlenecks and improve relationships between the players across the end-to-end delivery process.

Team Self-Improvement

Agile is underpinned by the spirit of continuous self-appraisal, adjustment and improvement;

This is very hard to achieve when teams are focused on the relentless need to maintain velocity and meet delivery expectations;

Plandek enables teams to choose a simple set of Agile metrics that they can refer to in sprint retros. to track and celebrate improvement in keeping with the core principles of Agile.

Plandek is trusted globally, from start ups to corporations

"We wanted to enable our teams to get insights on their software delivery performance. Plandek offers a wide variety of metrics that has helped us focus on the most important bottlenecks and pain points, with incredible support from the team during on-boarding and regularly thereafter."

Nikos Galifianakis, Head of Engineering