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Empowering Scrum Masters using intelligent insights and quick reporting

Empowering Scrum Masters using intelligent insights and quick reporting

The challenge

Pandora is the world’s largest jewellery company, synonymous with high-end gifts and statement pieces. Given their immense size and global impact, Pandora’s software development department didn’t have time to spend relying on manual tools to consolidate – and respond to – issues while their competitors raced ahead. 

Jacob Harrison, Scrum Master at Pandora, was hitting one major roadblock on his route to engaging with data: there was too much data and not enough time to read it.

‘We have the trouble – and I’m sure everybody has faced this at one point – cutting up estimations. You’re using manual tools that take you a couple of days to consolidate trends, and then you actually have to get the data that you need and think about how you then go into action. 

‘That’s where all the tools that I’ve been using have taken that time up.’

By the time Jacob had prepared an abridged version of each Sprint retrospective, the previous Sprint had already finished and a new one had already begun. Bad habits – and unfinished Tickets – were carried through to the next cycle through no fault of the team.

Jacob knew that his team’s happiness metrics were dipping. What was he doing wrong? And why couldn’t they seem to fix the root problem?

The scope

Jacob needed to revolutionise the way he approached his team’s data. He knew that data-led conversations with his team were the only action that would lead to positive changes in Sprint accuracy and his team’s bottom-line Value Delivery.

Using Plandek’s simple and in-depth dashboard, Jacob gained immediate access to relevant, intelligent data that clarified his Sprint planning and reporting capabilities while enhancing his understanding of the team’s Value Stream Delivery.

‘Having the live view and being able to know where I need to spend time [and] where I don’t need to spend time, it’s been very very useful. There is no other tool that would allow me to be able to do that.’

Jacob spent less time struggling through his routine data round-up, and finally had more time to spend attending to his team’s needs and empowering them to grow.

Plandek’s platform isn’t just made for Scrum Masters and managers. The team’s access to data across their whole DevOps toolset meant they could visualise their sprints, could isolate and self-manage bottlenecks, and could ease the pressure off coordinating the whole development ecosystem.

‘I think the main point at the moment with Plandek is to get teams to do the basics right and show how that correlates with happiness metrics.’

The outcome

Having utilised the power of Plandek’s industry-leading platform to access critical delivery data, Jacob has been able to increase deliverability, save important time and redistribute expensive resources for himself and his entire team.

‘The happiness metrics have gone up because they don’t have as many things to worry about, and we’ve seen the First Time Pass Rate increase.’

Not only did Plandek’s customisable platform support Jacob’s team to optimise their scope and capabilities, but Plandek’s simple reporting function meant Jacob could transfer essential information to Pandora’s stakeholders within minutes.

‘Plandek as a tool [is] quite good in the way of being able to show different trends and being able to show, at certain points, why we need to do certain things.’

Overall, Pandora has experienced numerous benefits while using Plandek’s powerful platform:

  1. First Time Pass Rate – significant increase due to increased happiness metrics
  2. Time usage – reduction in time spent collating data for Scrum management
  3. Sprint Accuracy – rapid increase in accuracy via retrospective analysis

Pandora Case Study Video

Hear how Plandek helped Pandora optimise their Value Stream Management, from Scrum Master Jacob Harrison himself.

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