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Case Study: Data & Publishing

Reduced Cycle Time by >25% in a Scaled Agile environment

Reduced Cycle Time by >25% in a Scaled Agile environment

The challenge

This high-profile multi-national data and publishing business uses Plandek across its global software delivery teams with over 2,000 engineers in multiple locations.

Plandek provides the metrics and reporting across the end-to-end delivery process and is used to underpin an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework across the global delivery organisation.

Using Plandek, Cycle Time was identified as a key opportunity area for improvement and a specific OKR was created to reduce Cycle Time by 25% in 6 months in January 2020.

The scope

Plandek provides all Team Leads with their customised dashboards of critical delivery metrics.

Team Leads used the ticket status breakdowns within Plandek’s Cycle Time metric to identify the key bottlenecks, and soon actions were in place to reduce friction within the core development and QA stages.

Further analysis showed that ‘Mean Time to Resolve Pull Requests’, ‘First Time Pass Rate’ and ‘Flow Efficiency’, were three metrics that could most effectively reduce Cycle Time across most teams.

As a result, teams focused on the identified metrics in their daily stand-ups and sprint retros with targets set by the teams themselves, to deliver the overall OKR target.

The outcome

The OKR was successfully delivered at the end of June 2020 with aggregate Cycle Time reduced by 26% across over 2,000 engineers, over six months in H1 2020.

In keeping with Agile best-practice, the responsibility continues to lie with the teams themselves, to continuously improve Cycle and Lead Time.

At the same time, Plandek provides the technology leadership group with clear visibility across all teams so they can manage delivery risk and ensure that all teams share best practices to drive towards their common goal.

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