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An automotive market research company

Using Plandek to Continuously Improve dependability, velocity and quality

Using Plandek to Continuously Improve dependability, velocity and quality



The challenge

The client is a major US automotive data business.

The client’s technology leadership manage a complex, Scaled Agile delivery capability and have increasing pressure from the business to increase delivery velocity and timing accuracy, whilst maintaining a very high level of quality.

Plandek is used to provide end-to-end delivery metrics in customised dashboards, to all areas of the delivery organisation (from scrum teams to the technology leadership).

The scope

The client runs c.15 SAFe Delivery Teams in a single Release Train, with 6 week Programme Increments (PIs).

The client uses Plandek to track and manage to a ‘balanced scorecard’ of end-to-end delivery metrics which underpin a robust Continuous Improvement programme, with targets set for each PI.

The Continuous Improvement initiative focuses on 9 core metrics configured in Plandek across 3 themes – Dependability, Velocity & Quality.

The outcome

The client has very successfully embedded a Continuous Improvement culture led by Team Leads, with key metrics discussed in stand-ups and retros at team level.

As a result there has been steady improvement across the 9 key metrics over the last 12 months.

Team dependability (and therefore Programme Increment dependability) has improved markedly as teams have increased Sprint Accuracy by over 30%.

Cycle Times continue to trend downwards (reducing by over 20%) as teams have identified and removed key delivery bottlenecks (e.g. by reducing ‘Mean Time to Resolve Pull Requests’).

And critically, defect density has reduced markedly and with it, unresolved critical bugs (which have reduced by c60%).

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