The case of Reed Elsevier

Understanding the effectiveness of the delivery processes in large teams

by Russ Wingfield

As organisations scale, becoming large and diverse, it becomes increasingly difficult to align teams around single points of focus. In the world of Agile software development the ability to have a consistent view of top-level delivery metrics across your entire portfolio is key to driving significant improvements in your capability.

Plandek has been working with Reed Elsevier (now RELX Group), a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools, for over a year now. The challenge Reed Elsevier had was how to understand the effectiveness of their delivery processes across more than 200 delivery teams using a variety of tooling.

The Plandek Agile delivery metrics platform was created with this problem in mind and was the perfect solution. Teams have the data they need to push themselves forward, but also the senior leadership team can see the team’s data aggregated up to see overall improvements and where the next area of focus might be.

Plandek’s flexible design enables collection and analysis of data from multiple system instances and workflows, hundreds of projects, and thousands of participants.

Nathan Wiles, Strategy, Planning & Analytics Manager at Reed Elsevier summarised the impact having out of the box Agile delivery metrics available has had:

“Plandek has allowed us to unlock insights from our delivery processes in a systematic way across the organisation, and as a result, enabled us to identify data points that support our focus on continual improvement”

So whether an organisation has 10 teams or 1000, the ability to be able to have rolled up consistent metrics and insights is essential to drive alignment and capability improvements in our busy and fast-paced environments.

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