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Plandek is recognised again as a top global vendor in Gartner’s updated ‘DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms’ Market Guide

Plandek, November 15, 2021

Plandek’s global leadership in end-to-end software delivery analytics is reconfirmed by Gartner, as Plandek is recognised again as a leading global vendor, in the updated Market Guide in November 2021

Gartner has published the revised edition of their DevOps Value Steam Management Platforms Market Guide in November 2021.

The Guide re-emphasises the importance of value stream metrics in software delivery as organisations look to align their Agile DevOps processes around defined value streams. Indeed, the Guide forecasts that by 2023, 70% of all organisations will be taking a Value Stream Management approach to agile software delivery.

The Guide notes Plandek’s unique positioning in the Value Stream Management space, providing end-to-end software delivery, agile, engineering, DevOps and value stream metrics and related analytics, to identify the root cause of issues and facilitate value delivery.

The key Plandek differentiators noted in the Gartner Market Guide include:

  • Plandek’s provision of end-to-end visibility and analysis of the delivery process within and across value streams to track and improve: time to value (through metrics such as Cycle Time and Lead Time); delivery efficiency (through metrics such as Flow Efficiency); delivery and engineering quality; pipeline management; and delivery team accuracy at sprint level.
  • Plandek provision of the DORA metrics, flow metrics and a variety of other agile delivery, DevOps and engineering metrics to track and drive value delivery within and across value streams
  • Plandek’s flexible analytics hierarchy which enables analysis by organization, value stream, program, project and team to enable use by multiple personas and to identify the root-cause of problems
  • Plandek’s provision of value stream insight for both teams and managers and its ability to provide custom dashboards and analytics tools for all key stakeholders from Team Leads to the CIO in Scaled Agile and agile environments.

Charlie Ponsonby, Co-CEO of Plandek comments:

“We are delighted that Plandek’s unique end-to-end delivery analytics capabilities are again recognised by Gartner alongside heavyweights such as IBM, CloudBees and ServiceNow in the exploding Value Stream Management space.”

Charlie continues:

“This latest Gartner Market Guide underlines that fact that Value Stream Management is the next big innovation in Agile DevOps – with 70% of all organisations forecast to adopt a VSM approach by 2023. And as a key global vendor, Plandek is ideally positioned to surf the rapidly growing demand for VSM solutions. ”

About Plandek
Plandek ( was co-founded in 2017 by Dan Lee (founder of Globrix) and Charlie Ponsonby (founder of Simplifydigital).

Plandek is an analytics platform to help software delivery teams deliver valuable software, faster and more predictably – across and within value streams.

Plandek works by mining data from delivery teams’ toolsets (such as issue tracking, code repos and CI/CD tools), to provide actionable and intelligent insight across the end-to-end software delivery process.

For enquiries please contact Chris Hood:

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