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Buildtrakr, the leading CI/CD analytics tool, launches for Jenkins users

Plandek, August 18, 2020

Buildtrakr integrates with Jenkins and Git to synthesize your commit and build performance data and displays critical metrics in a flexible dashboard

Following a highly successful collaboration with CircleCI and the launch of the world’s first analytics plug-in for CircleCI customers, Buildtrakr is now available free for Jenkins users.

Buildtrakr integrates neatly with Jenkins to deliver a new level of insight across your build process:

  • surface critical metrics in a flexible dashboard with powerful drill-down and trend analysis
  • super-easy authentication via GitHub and FREE to use
  • integrates with Jenkins and Git to synthesise data critical to understanding your commit and build performance
  • Buildtrakr is continually updated to add further metrics and analytics capability.

Buildtrakr is invaluable to:

  • Reduce your build failure rate – Flakiest Files identifies which files are the source of build failure so you can mitigate quickly and effectively
  • Reduce your time to build. See which repos have slow build processes and see which jobs are slowing you down
  • Streamline your Pull Request process – Understand the relationship between your Pull Request and Build times in order to optimise the time it takes to go from commit to deployment.
  • Optimise your build spend – Analyse your cost per build.  See the real source of cost and track trends over time.

Buildtrakr was developed by the team at Plandek – the world-leading end-to-end delivery analytics platform based in London, UK.

Charlie Ponsonby, Co-CEO of Plandek commented: “We are delighted to extend the powerful Buildtrakr analytics capability to Jenkins users worldwide. Buildtrakr surfaces critical metrics to help you harness the power of Jenkins to build, test and deploy better.”


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