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The latest updates on the Plandek platform

Plandek, August 12, 2019

Read a review of the latest updates on the Plandek platform.

At Plandek, we’re constantly working on making our platform more flexible and customisable to make sure our customers can review and analyse the data that has the most impact in their particular case. 

Our previous release has made it possible for the platform users to create custom dashboards to use the metrics and access data they’re most interested in. Our customers can now create their own dashboards, define the categories and choose their own metrics, which makes reporting easier and more efficient. 

This month, we are pleased to announce some more improvements and new features to the platform that will help make your software delivery process more transparent and predictable.


Features lead time to value

We have recently finalised our integration with a range of CI/CD tools so now you can access data from Jira, code repositories and the deployment data on one platform.  Our new metric Featured lead time to value looks at the average number of days from the initial creation of the feature ticket to deployed to production. Feature tickets include everything apart from epics, bugs, and subtasks.  With Plandek, you can review both historical and near-real-time data on the average number of days from the day Jira ticket has been created to production, an improvement over time and the performance of individual Jira tickets. 


You can select a specific date range and choose how you want your time series charts to be displayed, as below.


Lead time to value can vary, depending on the complexity of a ticket, but a steady increase should be watched and measured to see on which stages and why the waiting time increases.  Whether you’re looking across all teams or wanting a closer look at a particular Jira ticket.

Growing lead time to value can indicate issues within the development process and solutions should be found to try and reduce the time.


Number of builds to production

Another metric we’ve introduced is the Number of builds to production metric, which helps identify the number of builds deployed to production within the selected timeframe.

Plandek provides data on Successful, Failed and Rolled back builds helping you review the number of builds deployed to production within a selected time frame.  Plandek will also compare the data for the selected timeframe to the previous period, giving a full picture of the productivity tendency within the deployment process.


Team Health Survey – Slack integration  (TBC)

You can get additional data on your software delivery process by looking at the feedback from the team – now available via Slack survey with our new Team Health Survey feature.  You can interview the team at the end of the sprint to see whether they were clear on the goals, whether they think their work will help the team achieve its goal, whether they feel like they work at a sustainable pace, and so forth. 

The survey is event-driven and can be triggered by a number of events – sprint completion, deployment, etc. You can also change the questions – we made the survey fields customisable so our users can gather exactly the data they need. 

This feature allows you to combine the objective data from all the stages of your software delivery process and the qualitative data from your team’s feedback, which adds more context to the analysis. 

As always, we are keen to know your feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments section.

More updates and releases are coming soon. We’re currently working on improving our database and data representation on the platform to allow custom fields, metric definitions, and data queries – new updates will be published on our blog shortly. 

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